Ways to Breach Your Bail Bond Contract

When you or a loved one is in jail, you want results quickly. In most cases, a licensed bail bondsman can help. Bail bondsmen will pay the outstanding bond for a fee (usually 10%-20% of the bond) to have the inmate released on a bond contract. However, there are rules that people out on bond must follow, and nonadherence could lead back to jail.

Gavel and Cuffs

Failure to Pay Your Bondsman

The top way most people get their bond revoked is to not pay the balance. Since your bondsman paid your debt in full, any lack of payment from you can cause a remittance in the bond contract.

Not Making Court Appearances

Typically, after being released, the defendant will be required by the state to make one or multiple court appearances. If you fail to appear in court for any reason, your bondsman can revoke your bond and a warrant will be issued.

Leaving the State Without Permission

When you have an outstanding bond contract, you are legally obligated to inform your bondsman of any trips out of state. If you do not, your bondsman can revoke your bond and your warrant will be reissued.

Getting Rearrested

You are not allowed to be rearrested on any charge while you are obligated to the agreement you made with your bondsman. This is considered a breach of contract, and your bondsman can revoke your bond.

Read your bond agreement thoroughly and ask questions about points that are unclear in order to be completely informed on what your bond contract contains. Remember, a breach of this contract could land you back in jail.

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