Think Before You Drink: DUI Avoidance Plan

It’s no big deal to want to hang out with friends and unwind after a long day at work. We can all accept that happens. Whether it’s meeting up at a bar or your friends place, drinks with friends is a fun event to have every so often. Late into the night, you or one of your friends starts to stagger towards the door, stating that tomorrow is a work day. Someone asks, concerned,  “Do you need a ride?,” or “Are you sure you’re OK to drive?” The response back is always the same: “Home isn’t that far.”

Photo of DUIIt does not take “that far” to get into an accident or to get pulled by a police officer and slammed with a DUI charge. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges serious affairs, and even being  behind the wheel whilst intoxicated opens up a world of negative possibilities, such as car accidents, hitting pedestrians, and potentially vehicular manslaughter. To avoid these, the best idea is to have a game-plan before you go out with friends.

Before you go out, determine if you are going to be drinking at all. Assuming the answer is yes, evaluate the area. If you are unfamiliar with the area or town, see if there is a taxi or public transport service you may use on your return trip. Ask any of your friends if there is a volunteer designated driver within the group, or is there is a designated driver service for the area. Check if there is a hotel near the area you are going to drink. This way, if all other options are exhausted, you can spend a night there and carpool with your friends in the morning.  As a worst-case scenario, always have a friend you can contact who is not with your party to come get you.

These are not meant to dampen your fun on a night out with friends, but to make sure the night isn’t ruined by the horrible situation of receiving a DUI charge. If you have already received a DUI charge and need bail, let us help you out! Give us a call at 615-255-1800 today!