Probation Violation Bail

man in handcuffs arrestedViolation of probation in Tennessee is a serious offense. When an individual is placed on probation, they are required to keep in contact with their probation officer and agree to other terms and conditions issued by the courts. When the individual violates these terms and conditions, it can lead to arrest, to a guilty conviction for the original offense or more.

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When you are placed on probation, it is likely you will be required to:

  • Report to probation officers as directed
  • Pay fees
  • Submit to any alcohol or drug tests
  • Perform public and community service
  • Find work at a suitable place of employment
  • Reside in a determined geographical location
  • Adhere to a strict curfew

When an individual is placed on probation and doesn’t adhere to the rules given to them, they can be arrested. Not following the rules and regulations that were assigned to the individual means they have “violated their probation”. After you are arrested for violating your probation, the judge will look at whether you acted intentionally in terms of violation of probation. And, they will look to see if you are a first-time probation offender or if you made reasonable efforts in attempting to comply with authorities. The judge will then determine the severity of your punishment.

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