Prison Life

Nobody ever wants to go to prison. While it does prove a necessity for society, sometimes innocent people do end up there. Innocent or guilty, it helps to know a little bit about what life in prison will involve if you end up there. We’ve put together a little bit of information to let you know how things work on the inside:

key in jail cell






Everyone has heard that all of the races stick together in prison, which does hold true. However, it gets segregated in other ways as well; The sensitive needs yard (SNY) exists to house the openly gay, as well as those with STDS so that they don’t spread to the rest of the inmates. Also, the protective housing unit (PHU) gets used to house notorious criminals who otherwise might become targets. Charles Manson qualified for the PHU.

Drugs & Food:

Drugs run rampant through most prisons. Often they get swallowed in balloons or hidden up the rectum. Since prisoners don’t carry money, food and other prison allotted items get used as currency. 


Preventative health care in prison remains very sub-par. However, emergency life-threatening situations do often get taken care of. Some news stations have reported people committing crimes solely to take advantage of this.


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