Possible Reasons for Bail Denial

Bail Denial

An Arrest While On Probation Will Likely Result in Bail Denial.

Bail is a great privilege for those accused of a crime. Rather than sit in jail until your court date, you get to return to your job and loved ones. Though bail remains a constitutional right, a judge may deny it in certain instances. If you or someone you know gets arrested and has bail denial, you can likely blame one of the following reasons.

Probation and Parole

If a person is currently on probation or parole for an offense, another arrest will land them in hot water. A judge will almost certainly deny bail, as the accused has already shown that they will not abide by the court’s terms.

Risk of Flight

Bail allows for a person’s release from jail until the scheduled court date. Everything hinges on the defendant’s appearance at court, and if they decide to flee, they will face repercussions from both the bail bond company and the authorities. If a judge has any reason to believe a person a flight risk, he or she will likely deny bail.

Public Threat

If someone stands accused of a particularly heinous crime, a judge may decide that bail is not an option. This will also occur if the person could potentially act as a threat to the public. In this case, the judge will act in the community’s best interests and deny bail.

If you or someone you know has gone through bail denial, then there is little you can do except wait for the court date. For crimes that do allow bail, trust Nashville Bonding Company for service around Nashville, TN. For any questions or bail bond requests, call us anytime at __PHONE__.