Largest Bail Bonds In US History

Bail bonds are an integral part of our justice system, and it’s imperative that they’re not excessive. That’s where the 8th Amendment is supposed to help us. However, the amount of bail is up to the judge, and excessive bail fines sometimes slip through. Here are the top 3 largest bail bonds set in the history of the US:

Person behind bars






Christopher Williams:

This man was accused of a host of violent crimes. He had a long prior history with the law. Initially, his bond was set at $35,000, but he skipped bail and committed more violent crimes. Because of this, the judge set his bond at $100,000,000; the amount was upheld because of his flight risk and the danger he presented to the community.

Raj Rajaratnam:

This man used to be a prominent hedge-fund manager, but was accused of insider trading. It’s estimated that he stole over $60,000,000 in illegitimate profits. Because of his high net worth, Raj’s bail was set at $100,000,000.

Kim Freeman:

Kim was an Asian American who was arrested for running two separate brothels. She had many connections with other Asian Americans throughout the country, and so was considered a major flight risk. Because of this, the judge gave her a $1,000,000,000 bail bond.┬áHad she challenged this amount, it would have no doubt been ruled unconstitutional; she didn’t, however, and now has gone down in history as having the largest US bail bond.


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