Jumping Bail in Tennessee

person jumpingAlthough the term is lighthearted, jumping bail is a serious matter. Not only are you legally responsible for being present in court when summoned, but posting bail on your behalf is a guarantee of your presence at court dates. Skipping these court dates will usually result in someone pursuing you to reappear in court.

Bail Specifics

Recently in Gwinnett County, Georgia, two bail bond agents from Tennessee barged into a residence while searching for a bail jumper. They “arrested” the bail jumper’s wife and held her in their truck while wielding guns at their children. These bond agents were charged with first degree home invasion, kidnapping, and false imprisonment. Bond agents are subject to the same laws as all other citizens, but this extreme case of bail enforcement demonstrates how motivated bail bond agents are to help you appear in court.

You are indeed legally responsible to appear in court when scheduled. Failure to appear in court can often result in you being charged with contempt of court, leading to additional legal complications. For any further questions on posting bail and how our friendly, professional bond agents will guide you through this process, call us today at (615) 255-1800!