What Happens When You Violate Probation?

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Before you skip your community service assignment, you should know what happens when you violate probation

Violating probation can have major consequences for residents of Nashville, TN. But what happens when you violate probation in Tennessee? Since you have breached the terms of your probation agreement, you are now subject to the penalty assessed by your probation officer. Probation officers can decide to be either harsh or lenient, and much of it will depend on the specifics of your violation. Here are some examples of probation violation:

  • Flunked Drug Test: people on probation are required to take regular drug tests, and failing one will violate your probation
  • Missed Meetings: continually showing up late, or flat out skipping probation meetings can cause violation
  • Missed Community Service: failing to appear at court ordered community service can violate your probation
  • Possession of a Firearm: people on probation can not legally access a firearm for any reason

These are just some common examples of probation violations but many more exist and are subject to circumstance. If you or someone you know has violated probation in Nashville, contact Nashville Bonding Company today. We offer probation violation bail in Nashville, TN! 

What’s Next for Probation Violators?

First, you should call Nashville Bonding Company at 615-255-1800 for probation violation bail. Next, you should find yourself a quality criminal defense lawyer. Cases like this can rest on the competence of defense attorneys. Relatively minor violations can often be dismissed as a warning, or a request to attend a violation hearing at the court house. In contrast, serious violations can have your probation revoked, forcing you to serve your remaining sentence for the original crime.