Short On Bail? Don’t Do This, Call Us Instead!

When you or a loved one end up in jail, it can be a very frightening experience! It is important that you remain calm and call a licensed bail bondsman as soon as possible, if you need help making bail. What you should NEVER do is what these two people did.

don't sell kids for bail bonds

Need bail money fast? DON’T try to sell your kids. Call Nashville Bonding Company instead!


Shawn, 32, has been charged with drug possession and illegal payments in connection with placement of a child in Kingsport, Tennessee. Shawn’s girlfriend, Jessica, had been arrested and charged with child abuse and neglect, and her bail was set at $1500.  Shawn approached Jessica’s grandmother for help. The grandmother, suspicious, called the police to let them know she suspected Shawn of coming over to pressure her into providing the bail money. The police listened in to her conversation with Shawn, and recorded Shawn offering to sign over custody of his daughter for $1500. The police instructed the grandmother to say yes to the offer, but when Shawn went to meet with her, he was met by police instead, who found drugs in his possession. Don’t be that guy. If you need help getting the bail money you need, call the professionals!


A woman in Washington attempted to sell her infant child for $500 in a Taco Bell. She allegedly handed the child to another woman and offered to sell her. The other woman declined and called 911. The mother was arrested, and surprisingly, she was busted only for skipping bail and theft charges, rather than charged for attempting to sell her child. Definitely don’t follow this lady’s footsteps! If you have skipped bail and would like to turn yourself in, we can assist you and help you through the process. Don’t take desperate measures!

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When you or a loved one has been arrested in Nashville, TN, and you need to come up with bail, call our expert bondmen. We are here to assist you in every way we can, so you can properly prepare yourself before your trial, and defend your rights. We can provide bail bonds and assist you with turning yourself in and warrants. Call 615-255-1800 24/7 When you need bail bonds in Nashville, TN!