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Top 3 Offenses by Minors

Under 18 Top OffensesWhen you have kids, the thought of them getting arrested makes you cringe on a level you never thought possible. Nobody wants to see their child behind bars. Listed below are the three most common offenses by children under the age of 18, according to the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs.


By far the most common reason for minor arrest in the country, theft is growing in arrests. In fact, an estimated 156,000 minors were charged with some sort of theft in 2015. While some are able to get it expunged, theft charges often stay on record until the 18th birthday or even longer. 


While fighting has always been around, today’s teens can be charged heavily for their lost temper. In 2015, approximately 150,000 minors were brought up on some sort of assault charge. Many times the record of violent arrests such as these can follow your child around for years.

Drug/Drinking Offenses

Coming in at a close third with close to 110,000 offenses in 2015 is drinking and drug-related charges. These offenses, while typically misdemeanor and low-class felony charges, can haunt kids through college by affecting scholarship, grant, and job allowances.

Knowing the pressures and risks that your child undergoes daily can help keep your children from ending up behind bars and with a record. For more information on child deterrent programs or other ways to keep your kid out of trouble, call the professionals at Nashville Bonding Company at 615-255-1800. in the event that your child is caught in some sort of trouble, call our professionals to begin the process and, if needed, refer you to a suitable attorney.

Possible Reasons for Bail Denial

Bail Denial

An Arrest While On Probation Will Likely Result in Bail Denial.

Bail is a great privilege for those accused of a crime. Rather than sit in jail until your court date, you get to return to your job and loved ones. Though bail remains a constitutional right, a judge may deny it in certain instances. If you or someone you know gets arrested and has bail denial, you can likely blame one of the following reasons.

Probation and Parole

If a person is currently on probation or parole for an offense, another arrest will land them in hot water. A judge will almost certainly deny bail, as the accused has already shown that they will not abide by the court’s terms.

Risk of Flight

Bail allows for a person’s release from jail until the scheduled court date. Everything hinges on the defendant’s appearance at court, and if they decide to flee, they will face repercussions from both the bail bond company and the authorities. If a judge has any reason to believe a person a flight risk, he or she will likely deny bail.

Public Threat

If someone stands accused of a particularly heinous crime, a judge may decide that bail is not an option. This will also occur if the person could potentially act as a threat to the public. In this case, the judge will act in the community’s best interests and deny bail.

If you or someone you know has gone through bail denial, then there is little you can do except wait for the court date. For crimes that do allow bail, trust Nashville Bonding Company for service around Nashville, TN. For any questions or bail bond requests, call us anytime at __PHONE__.


What Happens When You Violate Probation?

Bail Cash & Gavel Depicting What Happens When You Violate Probation

Before you skip your community service assignment, you should know what happens when you violate probation

Violating probation can have major consequences for residents of Nashville, TN. But what happens when you violate probation in Tennessee? Since you have breached the terms of your probation agreement, you are now subject to the penalty assessed by your probation officer. Probation officers can decide to be either harsh or lenient, and much of it will depend on the specifics of your violation. Here are some examples of probation violation:

  • Flunked Drug Test: people on probation are required to take regular drug tests, and failing one will violate your probation
  • Missed Meetings: continually showing up late, or flat out skipping probation meetings can cause violation
  • Missed Community Service: failing to appear at court ordered community service can violate your probation
  • Possession of a Firearm: people on probation can not legally access a firearm for any reason

These are just some common examples of probation violations but many more exist and are subject to circumstance. If you or someone you know has violated probation in Nashville, contact Nashville Bonding Company today. We offer probation violation bail in Nashville, TN! 

What’s Next for Probation Violators?

First, you should call Nashville Bonding Company at 615-255-1800 for probation violation bail. Next, you should find yourself a quality criminal defense lawyer. Cases like this can rest on the competence of defense attorneys. Relatively minor violations can often be dismissed as a warning, or a request to attend a violation hearing at the court house. In contrast, serious violations can have your probation revoked, forcing you to serve your remaining sentence for the original crime.

Ways to Breach Your Bail Bond Contract

When you or a loved one is in jail, you want results quickly. In most cases, a licensed bail bondsman can help. Bail bondsmen will pay the outstanding bond for a fee (usually 10%-20% of the bond) to have the inmate released on a bond contract. However, there are rules that people out on bond must follow, and nonadherence could lead back to jail.

Gavel and Cuffs

Failure to Pay Your Bondsman

The top way most people get their bond revoked is to not pay the balance. Since your bondsman paid your debt in full, any lack of payment from you can cause a remittance in the bond contract.

Not Making Court Appearances

Typically, after being released, the defendant will be required by the state to make one or multiple court appearances. If you fail to appear in court for any reason, your bondsman can revoke your bond and a warrant will be issued.

Leaving the State Without Permission

When you have an outstanding bond contract, you are legally obligated to inform your bondsman of any trips out of state. If you do not, your bondsman can revoke your bond and your warrant will be reissued.

Getting Rearrested

You are not allowed to be rearrested on any charge while you are obligated to the agreement you made with your bondsman. This is considered a breach of contract, and your bondsman can revoke your bond.

Read your bond agreement thoroughly and ask questions about points that are unclear in order to be completely informed on what your bond contract contains. Remember, a breach of this contract could land you back in jail.

When you need a bondsman fast in Nashville, TN, call Nashville Bonding Company at 615-255-1800.

Have You Heard These Bail Bond Myths?

28130327_sBail bonds can prove to be a Godsend for individuals that have been arrested. As most of us know, you can count on bail to be set at an amount that typically exceeds what you may have on hand. In this case, a reliable bail bond agency should be able to step in and help bail you out until your court hearing (once you pay the fee that is due to the bail bondsman, of course). But this is just about the only true knowledge that anyone has about the bail bond service. Most other “facts” that people may come up with or that you may hear floating around are false in some way, shape or form. But luckily the professionals at Nashville Bonding Company are here to shed a bit of light on some of the most popular bail bond myths.

  • A bail bondsman can negotiate for a lower bail amount: Bail amounts are set annually by county. The only person that has the power to change it in any way is the judge.
  • The fee paid to the bondsman is refundable: The fee that ou pay to your bail bondsman (which is about 10-20% of the bail) is non-refundable, even after you get released from jail. That fee is the expense for the service that we’re providing to you.
  • You MUST pay in cash: A legitimate bail bondsman provides several options to pay the fee that is owed to them: cash, card, or collateral.

So when you find yourself in a sticky situation and in need of a bail bondsman in Nashville, TN, Nashville Bonding Company is the name to know! We are here to help in any way we can and answer any questions that you may have. Give a call today at 615-255-1800.

How to Choose the Right Attorney for Your Case

Photo of attorneyNo matter what your situation or case is, there may be a time where it becomes prudent to hire an attorney. However, how do you choose the right one? There are so many ways to search for legal assistance and reviews can be helpful. When it is for a case, you need to ensure that this individual will have your best interest at heart and will be the right person for your case. To that effect, there are some questions you need to ask yourself while searching for legal aide.

Four Questions To Ask When Selecting An Attorney

#1 Is This Person Local?

While you may want someone local to you, what you need is an attorney who is local to the area your court is in. This means if your case is in Springfield, TN, you want a lawyer who is familiar and practices in Springfield. Having a local attorney means they will know how the systems and laws work in that area and is familiar with that court.

#2 What Is This Attorney’s Specialty?

Just like any career, many lawyers have a particular field they practice in or prefer to practice in. It is important to check that any lawyer you are considering works within your case field. This will give an advantage to your case as your legal counsel will already be familiar with the laws and circumstances in such cases.

#3 Can I Meet With Them For A Consultation?

You may consider this unnecessary and try to forgo a consultation. Don’t! Consultations are a great way to get to know all the essentials before you hire an attorney for your cause. You can learn legal fees, if the attorney is available for your case, and even what steps you should be taking.  Some lawyers will even provide this for free, allowing you to meet with them.

#4 Can I Work With Them?

This is a question you need to ask during a consultation. Sometimes, even if a lawyer is the best choice or has the best ratings online for your case, you may not be able to work with them. Remember he or she is defending you. You need to be a cohesive team, working on your case together. If you are unable to because you don’t agree, do not hesitate to move on to evaluate the next lawyer. Remember, you must put your case first.

Choosing an attorney for your court date is a very important step in the legal process. Need to get your freedom back so you can start on your defense? Nashville Bonding Company is always available to work with you and your attorney on getting you out of jail with bail bonds. Call today at 615-255-1800!

Short On Bail? Don’t Do This, Call Us Instead!

When you or a loved one end up in jail, it can be a very frightening experience! It is important that you remain calm and call a licensed bail bondsman as soon as possible, if you need help making bail. What you should NEVER do is what these two people did.

don't sell kids for bail bonds

Need bail money fast? DON’T try to sell your kids. Call Nashville Bonding Company instead!


Shawn, 32, has been charged with drug possession and illegal payments in connection with placement of a child in Kingsport, Tennessee. Shawn’s girlfriend, Jessica, had been arrested and charged with child abuse and neglect, and her bail was set at $1500.  Shawn approached Jessica’s grandmother for help. The grandmother, suspicious, called the police to let them know she suspected Shawn of coming over to pressure her into providing the bail money. The police listened in to her conversation with Shawn, and recorded Shawn offering to sign over custody of his daughter for $1500. The police instructed the grandmother to say yes to the offer, but when Shawn went to meet with her, he was met by police instead, who found drugs in his possession. Don’t be that guy. If you need help getting the bail money you need, call the professionals!


A woman in Washington attempted to sell her infant child for $500 in a Taco Bell. She allegedly handed the child to another woman and offered to sell her. The other woman declined and called 911. The mother was arrested, and surprisingly, she was busted only for skipping bail and theft charges, rather than charged for attempting to sell her child. Definitely don’t follow this lady’s footsteps! If you have skipped bail and would like to turn yourself in, we can assist you and help you through the process. Don’t take desperate measures!

Call Nashville Bonding Company Bail Bonds

When you or a loved one has been arrested in Nashville, TN, and you need to come up with bail, call our expert bondmen. We are here to assist you in every way we can, so you can properly prepare yourself before your trial, and defend your rights. We can provide bail bonds and assist you with turning yourself in and warrants. Call 615-255-1800 24/7 When you need bail bonds in Nashville, TN!


3 Celebrities Arrested in Nashville

In Need of Bail BondsmanEverybody loves Nashville, TN! It’s a fun town with great live music and a welcoming attitude, but that fun atmosphere can lead people to get a little too enthusiastic and end up in trouble. Read on to discover 3 celebrities who indulged a little too deeply in the welcoming nature of the Tennessee music capitol.

L.A. Chargers’ King Dunlap

The offensive tackle for the L.A. Chargers football team was arrested under suspicion the violation of a protective order. Dunlap was arrested after he was caught inside of the home of a girlfriend who had previously filed for, and was granted an order of protection. The protection order that was filed did not allow for contact between Dunlap and the woman.  Dunlap admitted that he had received the order of protection and was arrested. The football player was released on $1000 bond.

Chris Cagle

Country Star Chris Cagle and his girlfriend Jennifer Tant got rowdy in a Nashville bar in 2008 and continued their fight when they got home, where it got more physical. Cagle and Tant scuffled with such dangerous weapons as a purse and an umbrella before Nashville police showed up on the scene. Cagle and Tant both sustained minor injuries and both at one point got violent with the arresting officers at some point in the arrest. Eventually, Cagle was found not guilty of domestic abuse, while Tant plead the fifth instead of testifying.

Wynonna Judd

Part of the insanely famous country family, along with her sister and mother Naomi- Wynonna ran into trouble in 2003 in Nashville. After smelling booze on her breath during a routine traffic stop, Wynonna recorded a BAC of two-times the legal limit. Judd received an 11 month 29 day suspended sentence, probation, and a $350 fine.

If you’re facing jail time in Nashville, TN call the expert bail bondsman at 615-255-1800 and let Nashville Bonding Company bail you out!


4 Common Types of Bail Bonds

If you or a loved one ever needs to be released from jail, a bail bond is the surest and most popular way of being released. However, there are many types of bail bonds to choose from and they all work differently. If you’re ever in a situation where you are in need of a bail bond, it’s important to know what type of bail bonds are offered. Here are four common types of bail bonds.

bail bond type

Cash Bail

Just like the name states, you will have to pay this bond in cash. Usually, they will set the bail bond type as cash if they think someone is a flight risk.

Surety Bail Bond

This is the most common bail bond type out there. A surety bond is when a friend or family member will contact a bail bondsman to secure the bond. Once your friend or family comes up with an agreement with the bondsman, the bondsman will then assure a release.

Recognizance Release

This isn’t a type of bail bond type, but it is an agreement with the court where you don’t have to pay bail bond. Usually, a recognizance release is for minor crimes and is put into place if the defendant agrees to appear on their court date.

Citation Release

If you are arrested, the officer can decide not to book you and instead give you a citation release. This citation will indicate that have to appear at your court date and not have to pay bail.

If you want more information on the bail process in Nashville, TN, call the expert bail bondsmen at Nashville Bonding Company at 615-255-1800 today!




3 Christmas Crimes You Won’t Believe

christmas‘Tis the season… for crime? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us at Nashville Bonding Company! As the season of giving and spreading cheer, the last thing you would expect is for crime to interrupt. However, it seems that Christmastime is a prime time for kooky criminals to step out on the town. Among the more common crimes are of course identity theft and car theft,  but some of the things holiday villains do are just too strange and honestly scary to make up!

Top 3 Strange Christmas Crimes

  • Drunk Parade – Everyone enjoys a good parade through town, but what about when the driver is drunk? One man drove a dance studio float straight into a tractor. When the police came, they found an open alcohol container with him in the cab.
  • Snowman Murder – In Ohio, teen vandals ran around stabbing and vandalizing Christmas displays. This went so far as to cutting up a snowman inflatable named Frosty. Unfortunately for them, one of the houses had security cameras. They were apprehended.
  • Wrecking Nativity Scenes And Stealing The Baby Jesus – The nativity, depicting the birth of Jesus Christ, is one of the more iconic Christmas images. Many churches nationwide display it for the season. However, as traditional as the scene may be, it also seems to be becoming traditional for vandals to wreck it.  One church went so far as to putting a GPS in their ceramic Jesus. Needless to say, when their baby Jesus was stolen inevitably, he was swiftly recovered.

Remember this holiday season, stay safe and be kind to one another. If you or a loved one needs bail services in Nashville, TN this holiday season, Call Nashville Bonding Company at 615-255-1800!