Bail Process in Nashville

Understanding the bail process:

bail out of jailThe bail process in Nashville can seem complex when you face it alone. But with the aid of our team of bail agents, the process will be quick and simple. Our goal is to help you make bail fast. We know you do not wish to spend any more time than necessary in jail, so we will do our part quickly and efficiently.

After the person who has been arrested has been taken to jail by the arresting officer, they will be allowed to make a phone call (usually to a bail bondsman) while they are getting booked. The booking process is generally a long process that involves taking fingerprints, checking for outstanding warrants, taking photos for mugshots, setting court dates and more.

Afterwards, the arrested individual could be released on bail, leave with no charges, or might be required to stay in jail until the given court date. As long as the court date has been set, there are not pending warranties, and all of the booking process was taken care of, a bail agent will be able to obtain the release of the defendant. This will require a payment of 10%-15% of the posted bail. Some helpful information to have on hand for the process include: jail defendant is held at, date arrested, charge, etc.

After the bail has been paid to the courts, the defendant is released and will be required to attend the scheduled court date. If the defendant does not show up for their court date, then they will be required to pay additional fees and the bail agent will need to locate them and bring them into custody.

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