Bail Bond Tips

Nobody likes to think that they’ll ever end up in jail. It’s a scary place, which is a deterrent for some people. Still, even if you don’t ever commit a crime, the possibility of jail is still out there; our justice system isn’t perfect. Fortunately, our country has a bail process to get the defendant out until their court date. Otherwise the words “innocent until proven guilty” would mean nothing. Here are a few tips regarding this process:

key in jail cell




What you’ll need:

There are a few bits of information that can streamline the whole process: date of arrest, charge levied, jail being held at, name of defendant, etc. Bring as much of this information as you can to your bail bondsman. If you don’t have it, don’t worry, they will help you find it.

Other tips:

  • Start the bail process as soon as possible; the quicker you get it started, the quicker you’ll be out.
  • There may be a brief wait, depending on how busy the day is.
  • Sometimes different types of collateral can be used, depending on the situation of the person posting. Credit checks may be made. Things with constant value like vehicles or real estate can sometimes be used.

Keep all this in mind and the whole process should go by easily. No body wants to use a bail bondsman, but you’re glad they’re there when you need one. If you find yourself with a need to make bail, give Nashville Bonding Company a call at (615) 255-1800.