Top 3 Offenses by Minors

Under 18 Top OffensesWhen you have kids, the thought of them getting arrested makes you cringe on a level you never thought possible. Nobody wants to see their child behind bars. Listed below are the three most common offenses by children under the age of 18, according to the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs.


By far the most common reason for minor arrest in the country, theft is growing in arrests. In fact, an estimated 156,000 minors were charged with some sort of theft in 2015. While some are able to get it expunged, theft charges often stay on record until the 18th birthday or even longer. 


While fighting has always been around, today’s teens can be charged heavily for their lost temper. In 2015, approximately 150,000 minors were brought up on some sort of assault charge. Many times the record of violent arrests such as these can follow your child around for years.

Drug/Drinking Offenses

Coming in at a close third with close to 110,000 offenses in 2015 is drinking and drug-related charges. These offenses, while typically misdemeanor and low-class felony charges, can haunt kids through college by affecting scholarship, grant, and job allowances.

Knowing the pressures and risks that your child undergoes daily can help keep your children from ending up behind bars and with a record. For more information on child deterrent programs or other ways to keep your kid out of trouble, call the professionals at Nashville Bonding Company at 615-255-1800. in the event that your child is caught in some sort of trouble, call our professionals to begin the process and, if needed, refer you to a suitable attorney.