Your Financial Options for Affording Bail

handshake, agreementIf the time comes for you to post bail, one of the biggest questions on your mind is likely, “how much will bail cost?” There is no denying that bail can be a hefty expense, but by working with a licensed bail bond agent, you are able to post a fraction of the bail to secure the release of your loved one. Here we walk through the financial elements of posting bail to help you gain your freedom faster.

Paying a bail bond is essentially a monetary promise that the defendant will return to court for trial later on. To discourage the defendant from skipping trial, bail is often set at a significant sum of money so the defendant will not risk losing all these funds that may have been returned. However, these sums of money can be difficult to come up with in the short amount of time that you would want you loved one released in, so bail can often be a financial burden. But working with a licensed bail agent allows you to pay a mere fraction of the total amount – usually 10% to 15% – so you are able to post bail quicker while it is easier on your wallet.

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