3 Christmas Crimes You Won’t Believe

christmas‘Tis the season… for crime? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us at Nashville Bonding Company! As the season of giving and spreading cheer, the last thing you would expect is for crime to interrupt. However, it seems that Christmastime is a prime time for kooky criminals to step out on the town. Among the more common crimes are of course identity theft and car theft,  but some of the things holiday villains do are just too strange and honestly scary to make up!

Top 3 Strange Christmas Crimes

  • Drunk Parade – Everyone enjoys a good parade through town, but what about when the driver is drunk? One man drove a dance studio float straight into a tractor. When the police came, they found an open alcohol container with him in the cab.
  • Snowman Murder – In Ohio, teen vandals ran around stabbing and vandalizing Christmas displays. This went so far as to cutting up a snowman inflatable named Frosty. Unfortunately for them, one of the houses had security cameras. They were apprehended.
  • Wrecking Nativity Scenes And Stealing The Baby Jesus – The nativity, depicting the birth of Jesus Christ, is one of the more iconic Christmas images. Many churches nationwide display it for the season. However, as traditional as the scene may be, it also seems to be becoming traditional for vandals to wreck it.  One church went so far as to putting a GPS in their ceramic Jesus. Needless to say, when their baby Jesus was stolen inevitably, he was swiftly recovered.

Remember this holiday season, stay safe and be kind to one another. If you or a loved one needs bail services in Nashville, TN this holiday season, Call Nashville Bonding Company at 615-255-1800!