3 Celebrities Arrested in Nashville

In Need of Bail BondsmanEverybody loves Nashville, TN! It’s a fun town with great live music and a welcoming attitude, but that fun atmosphere can lead people to get a little too enthusiastic and end up in trouble. Read on to discover 3 celebrities who indulged a little too deeply in the welcoming nature of the Tennessee music capitol.

L.A. Chargers’ King Dunlap

The offensive tackle for the L.A. Chargers football team was arrested under suspicion the violation of a protective order. Dunlap was arrested after he was caught inside of the home of a girlfriend who had previously filed for, and was granted an order of protection. The protection order that was filed did not allow for contact between Dunlap and the woman.  Dunlap admitted that he had received the order of protection and was arrested. The football player was released on $1000 bond.

Chris Cagle

Country Star Chris Cagle and his girlfriend Jennifer Tant got rowdy in a Nashville bar in 2008 and continued their fight when they got home, where it got more physical. Cagle and Tant scuffled with such dangerous weapons as a purse and an umbrella before Nashville police showed up on the scene. Cagle and Tant both sustained minor injuries and both at one point got violent with the arresting officers at some point in the arrest. Eventually, Cagle was found not guilty of domestic abuse, while Tant plead the fifth instead of testifying.

Wynonna Judd

Part of the insanely famous country family, along with her sister and mother Naomi- Wynonna ran into trouble in 2003 in Nashville. After smelling booze on her breath during a routine traffic stop, Wynonna recorded a BAC of two-times the legal limit. Judd received an 11 month 29 day suspended sentence, probation, and a $350 fine.

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